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Product description

Product information "MAK TOTAL PROTEK"

This product is a quick-dry, clear and flexible synthetic rubber-based membrane that forms a protective coat on a variety of surfaces thereby providing waterproof and rust protection against aggressive moisture and acid environments.

It is a compound with high mechanical resistance and great adhesion to all types of surfaces. Total Protek can be applied by brush, roller, spray or other methods and can be applied to steel, concrete, plastics, wood and paints.

Applications & Benefits:

  • Can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces in the industrial sector including steel, plastics, concrete, wood, paper/card, rusted & painted surfaces
  • Reduces salt corrosion, rust & wear
  • Unlike varnish will not crack – can even be applied to paper & card
  • Will withstand temperatures up to 90°C
  • Long lasting protection against moisture (10 years is achievable for non-moving parts)
  • Quick & easy application by brush, roller or spray – fast drying to reduce downtime & maintenance costs
  • Quick & easy to remove by slicing the protective layer & peeling away from the surface

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