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T7 - Heavy Duty

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T7 - Heavy Duty

T7 - Heavy Duty:

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Product description

Product information "T7 - Heavy Duty"
A heavy duty, water based, quick break degreaser and cleaner

Triple7 Heavy Duty is a powerful water based, quick break degreaser and cleaner that is free from toxic or hazardous chemicals making it safe to use and eco-friendly.

This specially formulated chemistry penetrates and lifts hydrocarbon soils including fats, oils, greases and proteins without creating permanent emulsions which can cause major issues for waste water systems and the environment.

Triple7 Heavy Duty can be used in many applications including:

Heavy degreasing & industrial cleaning in all industries including Marine
Engine degreasing
Surface protection
BBQ degreasing and food area cleaning
Mould, mildew & moss removal
Surface preparation and cleaning of machinery, road signs, patch trucks, flocons & workshop floors
Equipment washdown
Marine degreasing
Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas such as marine and forestry, for the cleaning of machinery, pipework, bilges & heat exchangers
Does not cause an emulsion
Improves efficiency of oil/water separators and grease trap performance

Due to its highly concentrated properties, Triple7 Heavy Duty is extremely cost effective.

For general cleaning applications 1Litre of product will make 10Litres of Ready-to-Use cleaning solution.

Standard Dilution Rates:

Triple7 Heavy Duty can be applied via wiping, misting, pressure washers or soak-tanks.

Extra heavy grease deposits – mix 1:1 – 1:2 parts water
Moderate grease deposits – mix 1:10 – 1:20 parts water
Light deposits – mix 1:50 parts water


For heavy duty engine degreasing mix a 1:1 solution of Triple7 Heavy Duty. Spray on, allow to stand for 5 minutes then rinse with clear, high-pressure water. For engines with particularly thick oil coatings allow degreaser to stand for 15 minutes and rinse with high pressure warm water.

To degrease and clean truck wheels and undercarriages use a 1:1 solution and rinse with a high pressure cleaner after allowing to stand for 5 minutes. for tyre walls, apply a 1:10 to 3:10 solution of product, agitate with a sniff brush then rinse.

Degreasing – Triple7 Heavy Duty is an effective degreaser for swab, spray or soak tank applications on painted or unpainted surfaces and ferrous or non-ferrous metals. For medium to large applications, apply the product with a sprayer (use in concentrated form for heavy deposits). Let stand for 5 minutes, scrub if necessary and rinse off with warm water (50°C) or a final steam rinse. Very heavy duty degreasing projects such as charred oil or fuel enamel, often require a solvent to expedite the cleaning process. If so apply Triple7 Easysolve, let stand for 10 minutes, then apply a 1:10 solution of Triple7 Heavy Duty at 40°C, followed by a warm water rinse.

Please note: that where a warm water pressure clean is used, the solution strength of Triple7 Heavy Duty may be reduced to 2:100, followed by a final water rinse.


Triple7 Heavy Duty is well suited as a marine degreaser and has the following advantages:

Effective degreasing without causing an emulsion
Improves efficiency of oil/water separators and grease trap performance
Does not damage rubbers, o-rings or seals
Cleans into creases, joins and seals
Is non-ionic – degreaser works by ‘lifting and releasing’ to give a better clean.
Is low foaming, reducing problems in waste tanks
Excellent for closed environments due to reduced toxins
Non toxic to marine life and safe for the environment
Keeps drainlines clean


As a clean and degreaser for concourses, ceramic tiles, pavers and concrete paths – Triple7 Heavy Duty works best using a hot water high pressure washer. Atomisation poses no problem as the product is non-hazardous to people or clothing when used as directed. Pre-treat difficult areas with a 1:5 solution of the product in water and let stand until soiling is loosened. For normal applications, mix 1:100 to 2:100 solution (stronger if necessary) and spray apply. Brush with a broom for ingrained dirt and allow to stand for a few minutes. If using a pressure washer, start at one edge holding the spray nozzle at approx. 20cm from the surface at a 45° angle and move forward, so that the water can penetrate under the loosened grime and roll it in front of the spray nozzle. Two passes may be necessary for deep in-grained stains. On vertical surfaces, always start at the bottom of the vertical surface to be cleaned and apply the solution upward. The actual cleaning is accomplished by rinsing with water. Two passes may be required to remove hardened soil or deep stains in concrete and masonary.

Floors and tiles – Triple7 Heavy Duty is used for mopping wooden, vinyl and ceramic floors. For light soiling use a 1:100 to 2:100 solution in warm water and mop surface. No rinsing is necessary. If the contaminant is heavy with grease and oils, use a 1:10 solution of Triple7 Heavy Duty in hot water for optimum degreasing effect. Spray on, allow to stand for 5 minutes and scrub with a broom or stiff brush, then rinse off with warm to hot water. Too strong a mix will leave floors tacky and may remove polish. If desired add ethanol to the water to aid drying. To remove a heavy wax build-up, mix a 1:1 solution of product in hot water, spray apply, allow to stand for 30 minutes and wash off with hot water. Repeat if necessary.

Garage Degreaser – To clean and degrease driveways and garage floors, mix a ratio of 1:1 Triple7 Heavy Duty and water. Brush with a stiff broom. Allow to penetrate for one hour then brush and rinse. Rinse from in front of you and move forward, aiming the hose or spray gun at an angle from the ground, to lift the grime and roll it away from you.

Applications & Benefits

High-Tech, Environmentally Sustainable
Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser
Quick Break Degreaser
Mould & Moss Remover
Non Toxic, No Hazardous Chemicals
Eco-Friendly, Readily Biodegradable
Non-Reactive to Surfaces
No Special Storage, Handling or Disposal Requirements
Enhances Oily Water Separator Efficiency

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