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T7 - EnviroLab

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T7 - EnviroLab

T7 - EnviroLab:

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Product description

Product information "T7 - EnviroLab"
Triple7 EnviroLab is a Powerful, non-toxic, non-ionic surfactant cleaning solution that is dielectric & anti-oxidant in nature.
Suitable for use on delicate laboratory glassware & instruments it does not react harmfully with other cleaning, disinfecting or deodorising chemicals.

Applications & Benefits:

  • T7 EnviroLab cleans reliably with natural ingredients.
  • No inhibitory effect on enzyme tests - no interference with other chemicals.
  • Prevents carry-over - no residue carried over to next analysis.
  • Avoids the use of chromosulphuric acid & subsequent disposal costs.
  • Suitable for all cleaning surfaces - harmless to metals, plastics, paints, rubber & all surfaces compatible with water.
  • Phosphate & caustic free - reduced health hazards.
  • Contains no petroleum derivatives or hazardous chemicals.
  • Easy to use - No special handling & disposal issues.
  • Readily Biodegradable - passes AS4351 test for biodegradability & breaks down easily in the environment.
  • Cost effective.

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