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T7 SafeWash Powder

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T7 SafeWash Powder
T7 SafeWash Powder
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Product description

Product information "T7 SafeWash Powder"

Bio-based Laundry Wash Powder

    High-Tech, Low Foaming, All Natural Laundry Powder

    Caustic, Phosphate & Bleach free

    Contains Natural Inbuilt Softener

    Used for Hand and Machine Washing

    Assists Effluent Systems

    Controls Odours in Grey Water

    Derived from Renewable Resources

    No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients

    Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of

Triple7 Safewash Powder is a high performance, bio-based laundry wash, free of all toxic and hazardous additives.


Triple7 Safewash Powder can be used for a variety of washing applications including:

  • Top and front loading machines
  • Hand washing applications
  • Pre-soak for heavy soiled laundry
  • Ideal for sensitive environments and septic systems. Will not harm sewer bacteria.

Method of Application

Use Triple7 Safewash on any fabric compatible with water in laundry applications.

Always follow garment label instructions. Sort laundry as usual.  As machine fills with water, add Triple7 Safewash Powder. The product is effective in cold water but works best at 35ºC.


Always pre-test for colour fastness.

Triple7 Safewash will also release scum and latent odours from washing machines and pipework.  It is recommended to do 2 empty loads first, using double the normal amount of liquid or powder, prior to putting clothing in the machine.

Tips on Efficient Cleaning

1. Do not over-use Triple7 Safewash, as too much product is wasteful, requires added rinse water and may cause over sudsing.

2. Pre-soak stained fabrics to remove grass, blood, ink, lubricants, felt marker, paint, tea, coffee, urine, coke and tar residues.

3. Washing with warm water (minimum of 35ºC) gives better release of protein allergens and organic stains.

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