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Bubble Gum Lip Balm For Girls In Blister

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Bubble Gum Lip Balm For Girls In Blister
Bubble Gum Lip Balm For Girls In Blister
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Produktinformationen "Bubble Gum Lip Balm For Girls In Blister"
Lip balm for girls above 5 years old from NOMI Kids cosmetics with Bubble Gum flavor. Easily applies on lips and helps with weathering and bitten lips by increasing natural healing and providing anti-bacterial effect. Contains Vitamin E. Safe for kids, safe for swallowing and mouth contact. Lip balm has moisturizing, softening, recovering and nourishing properties. NOMI Kids lip balm is made of highest quality materials from USA, EU and Japan under strictest GMP (ISO) practices. Supply chain is actively monitored for ethical production.

Storage Temperature:
Room Temperature

About the brand:
Every little girl wants to be like her Mom! And to help her make this dream come true we have created a children’s cosmetics line NOMI! We have created our collection with love and care and we are glad that our little customers and their moms appreciate our work! It’s very important to ensure that the product a young lady uses is safe for skin, nails and will not hurt a small princess. That’s why, we have dedicated ourselves to produce a clean product, a safe one, the one that can be trusted and used every day. It’s a brand that brings together parents and children to play, dress up and enjoy time together away from gadgets! NOMI Cosmetics is a great gift! There is nothing that warms parent’s heart more than an exciting look of a young princess full of joy when she opens up a new gift full of fun makeup!

5+ years

How to use:
Apply the balm evenly on the lips as needed

Certifications & Endorsements:
GMP ISO 22716 - E?? - EU notified
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